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The AbsoluteAdmin Bootstrap 3 template is more than your typical admin dashboard. Built on Bootstrap 3 it contains the tools you need to make your next project web app a success. This theme is the platform for which dozens of updates will be applied to. Quickly, and carefully turning it into an all encompassing mega suite of developer tools.

It already includes custom tools unique to the AbsoluteAdmin Framework, as well as countless handpicked and optimized plugins. Including the exclusive AbsoluteAdmin plugin. Allowing you to instantly change a widgets, color, title, position and more! All settings are saved and persist after page refresh via local storage!

We are excited to hear back from our customers so that we can create one of the best themes on WrapBootstrap.

Features Include:

  • Includes the unique “AdminForms”. Including dozens of carefully crafted widgets, elements, and form layouts.
  • Includes the exclusive AdminPanels plugin. Allowing you to instantly change a widgets, color, title, position and more.
  • Theme carefully built with LESS
  • Includes over 80+ unique pages
  • Many unique, modern, and effective menus
  • Extends bootstraps native skins to a total of 9 (contextuals, primary, success etc)
  • All contextuals and skins controlled by single “on-off” variables. Allowing you to greatly reduce file size, and use only what you want,when you want. – Dozens of features and pages already in development.

We look forward to hearing your request! Check out the live preview as there are too many features to list!

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